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Life has got many facets to it and you never know what can happen to you and things around you at a given time frame. That’s the beauty of life but then, it is not necessary that life will always give you pleasant surprises; it can stun you as well! Hence comes insurance in practice!
Be it your life, health, vehicle or house, you can never be sure of what can go wrong with any of them. The popular saying is that when things go wrong, they go collective! God forbids, but there could be a time when you discover a serious ailment with you or any of your family members; it may require an expensive treatment and it can also continue for a long period of time. It may not be possible for everyone to afford every penny of it from his own pocket. A Health insurance will come handy at this time. By paying small annual instalments, you insure that you are not alone at the time of a health emergency.
The same goes true with vehicle insurance; be it a motor bike or a car, all vehicles are prone to accidents and it is not only sensible to get them insured, but the third party insurance is also mandatory by law. But you can also cover up for the accidental damages once your vehicle is insured and in case it goes stolen, you can get a major part of your money back.
Life is unexpected and the sad fact about it is that death is inevitable. Although most of the people die at an old age, but possibility of sudden death also can not be denied completely. Nothing can replace or reimburse the loss of life but then we can also not deny that under such a situation, any kind of financial insurance is helpful and life insurance does provide this cover to everyone.
So, as you can see from the above points, there is more than one reason for you to get insured in many ways. Insurance is not just financial security but also gives you mental piece that there is something that is backing up for you and it could be utilized, when it is most needed. It is not only practical, but also sensible for a person to get the basic insurance like Life insurance, health insurance, car insurance etc. done and thus keep himself prepare for any of the expected unpleasant experiences in future.

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