Global CTB Review: The Best Choice Of Platform For New Traders

The online trading industry is filled with opportunities for new traders to make it big and earn a steady income. However, there are some obstacles that you will need to overcome before reaching that stage. Finding the right brokerage firm is the first of those obstacles.

It can be difficult to sort through the numerous choices that are available on the internet and find just one broker. So, to help you get started I would like to recommend Global CTB. In this Global CTB Platform Review, I will highlight the reasons why you should consider signing up with this firm as a new trader.

Best Features of Global CTB

Global CTB is a great choice of trading platform for new traders for many reasons. One of them is the ease of use and accessibility that it has. The trading platform of this brokerage firm is in the form of a web trader which you can access from any device. It does not require you to download any new software to your device nor do you need to upgrade your system regularly. If you prefer, you can also download apps for this trading platform on your Android and iOS devices from the Play Store and Apple Store respectively. It also has a user-friendly interface which is very easy to navigate.

The broker supports a variety of different assets. You can trade with forex, cryptocurrencies, shares, metals, oils, bonds, and currencies. It offers CFD trading and leveraged trading with most of these assets which is a great feature, especially for new traders. Features like CFD trading and leverages allow traders to invest in assets out of their financial range and helps them build a diverse trade portfolio.

Brokers offer around three to four different account types to traders so that traders of different backgrounds can trade in their preferred trading conditions. However, Global CTB is one step ahead of the other brokers and offers six different account types to users. This allows them to trade in a more flexible environment.


In this article, I have only talked about the main features of this broker that I think that you should know about. However, there are plenty of other features and services that this trading firm offers that make it a great choice for new traders. If you are curious about what more Global CTB offers, you can visit their website and get a first-hand experience of what it offers. I am sure you will agree that the services of this trading firm are among the best that online brokerage firms can offer.


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